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Being Home For The Holidays. Enjoy Your Winter Break.

December 24, 2012

Two weeks ago, I wrote to many of you who were on the last leg of your Semester 1 University or College exams.  Congratulations!  You finished the semester and hopefully it was everything that you hoped it would be.  Next week we’ll talk about setting great goals for the New Year.

Now you’re home.  The laundry is done.  You’ve had a few home cooked meals.  And you’ve had the chance to sleep off your last few weeks of studying (or) cramming and living at the library.  Being home feels good.  But in just a few days you’ll be wishing you were back at school and living on your own again.

Here are my 6 ½ tips to surviving the next two weeks at home before you go back to school.

1.  Adjust To The New Normal – Its true, no matter how your family is composed, they have had to adjust to you not being home and now you’re throwing off the whole routine

2. Respect The Rules – Being on your own is great.  But your family and home have rules.  You must follow them.

3. Help Around The House – Little things.   Make your time at home positive.

4. Talk – You learned a lot this semester.  Show off what you learned!

5. Communicate – True, living on your own is great!  You don’t have to tell anyone where you’re going or when you’ll be home.  They’re not babying you.  They’re interested!

6. Adjust Your Habits – You’ve worked hard the last four months.  You’re on vacation.  You deserve to sleep all day, or stay out late with your friends.  But you don’t want your parents thinking that’s what you do every day at school

6 ½. Spend Time With Your Family – They missed you.  And they’re happy that you’re home.

Want to talk?  Michael is available to do telephone or online sessions.  Develop a therapeutic relationship in Toronto and continue it while you’re away at school.

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