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Living with ADHD can be a difficult experience and can have an impact on the child or teen with ADHD as well as the family.

Supporting a person with ADHD can take on many forms including:

Educating the Child or Teen with ADHD teaches the client about their disorder, helps them to recognize their triggers, frustrations and understand how their ADHD affects them.

Educating the Family helps the parents and siblings understand what is happening for their child and how to best support them.  This can include sharing the diagnosis with other family members, schoolteachers and coaches or camp counsellors.  This also includes establishing strategies in the home to create a success-filled environment.

Coaching involves working directly with the child or teen to set goals (academic, social, personal), create a productive workspace and set up good study habits at home.

Feelings are perhaps the most overlooked aspect of a diagnosis of ADHD.  For a child or teen learning to live with a disorder can be difficult and can have a negative effect on their self-esteem, but through talking and identifying their feelings they can learn to feel better about themselves and learn that their ADHD does not define them, it is just a part of them that makes them unique.

I can provide any or all of these services for your child or family.  Please contact me for more information.

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